Last week I came across highsnobette who reminded me sooooo much of my fashion forward companion whom I call Gayle (I'm her Oprah of course). Anywho, when I told her this blogger chick was her kindred soul, I'm sure she thought that I was talking outta my neck. Gimme my props LSS, gimme my props. I was on point, eh? After begging her to do sumthin' with her fashionista p.o.v. she sent me this. Thanks for contributing to the world of TWIG. And big-ups to the chickies over @ highsnobette. I've never viewed a blog in one sitting. You chic bitches rock!

"LSS here! I’m coming out of the shadows by special request ONLY; my beloved Twig (MISSWOMBLE) commissioned yours truly to contribute to miss thang’s illustrious blog lol. As an undercover-comfortfirst-fashionista, I find it quite befitting to kick this shit off proper like! For my very first blog post ever, I will showcase my brother from another mother MARC JACOBS! Designing for Louis Vuitton, Jacob’s fall/winter 2008 collection gave me fever! My soul died quietly once I saw the comeback of my beloved HAMMER PANTS! Check out what will become the new autumn and winter comfy craze for us regla folk who ain’t never scared to make fashion history as we go about our very normal, daily lives. Bon Appetit~~~O and remember children, I do not believe in being uncomfortable in the name of fashion…life can sometimes be uncomfortable enough!" Smoochies~~LSS

Sidebar: I take it that you like this look on MissJones? Oops, I forget that your Leo soulsista can do no wrong;) {Hated it!}



Dear Elisabeth,

Do you know how long I've been waiting for this one. Sometimes I wonder if you drank too much saltwater @ the Australian Outback. Anywho, I braced myself when Michelle graced us with her presence last month, hoping & praying that you didn't resort to being a dumbdumb that day. But you behaved yourself {I think you knew that was a match you'd lose}. I have to tell you, my favorite pick-on-Elisabeth moment was the Rosie showdown and then things died down a bit. After all, we could always rely on birdcaged Barbie to come to your defense, but not this time. I sooo hope that Whoopi broke it down so that it could forever be broken.


If you ever pondered why the apple had been the forbidden fruit, you probably never tried it with a lil' {I prefer a lot} of McCutcheon's. Aside from a quick feed for your case of the Munchies, it's also a great detour from the same ol' strawberries & seduction routine. Trust me on this one.

-3 New Zealand Braeburn Apples sliced (or your fav of course)

-Dollop of McCutcheon's



I'ma sucker for movies with great dialogue-Woody Allen joints especial. Some of my favorites are Matchpoint, Scoop, A Good Woman, and Lost In Translation (high5sies under the table Sofie). ScarlettJohansson (11.22) just so happens to be that thang that makes these classics pop. I'm serious, she can do no wrong and I'd luvluvluv to borrow that raspiness of hers for a day. She's just one of those artists who feels her shit, who you know is always in her element. And she's adorably cute, has anyone seen her twin brother Hunter? Vicky Cristina Barcelona drops August 15th and if you aren't a fan, this could change things. MissScarlett shares the screen with my other BB, Penelope {1935 old-ass Woody probably ruined most of his pants while filming} who I hear, gives new meaning to 3somes. Just watch the trailer, I think we'll all be pleasantly surprised.



My Final4

Growing up before I knew cable, I had Miss America, Miss USA and all of that other pageantry bullshit. I used to predict the winners @ the beginning based on looks and personality and wait it out to see if I would come close. It's the same w.PR {I told you this joint is one of my many obsessions}. Although I like to ride it out 'til the end, the 1st episode is usually all I need to determine who's in or out!



Let the countdown begin! My favorite reality show ever returns {quicker than I anticipated} although I wanted to cut them off after...

And again when...

Bravo showed they ass when they dropped this joint, but wtf is up wit' Shear Genius {she gags} and the fake ass hairstylists. I mean, don't the producers know the best come from Bmore. Shit they could've even pulled my girl Marisa from Split Ends or that tatted dude Sandy wit' the bone in his nose. But enough of the fraudulent. Set your reminders, I know where I'll be come next Weds.


"In order for you to win the election, you must first ignore any deflection my expression might've caused you to assert your manly erection."

No for real, I would like for all of the so-called Black activists, professors, congressmen & women {who don't do shit but talk talk talk} to have a seat in the corner, circumventing around the issues, always tryna get a lil' airtime. The ranting and empty rhetoric of ghosts from Christmas past is just that-a thing of the past. Jesse, you're a fuckin' hater, period. You couldn't make the ticket then and you're salty. Air dry, bitches.

Let us not forget how Farrakhan plotted against Malcolm...

Aural Inspiration:
The Carter III, Don'tGetIt



Last night we all had a hearty laugh when I broke out into one of my many impersonations, "CITA!!! It's Cita big baby." Omg I used to love that show. Eff Perez, MissCita was the first real blogger. Hidden behind a gotdamn computerized anime who could swing her neck and hips, she said all the things we were thinking. Uddarum, they should've kept her in the BET lineup because she kept that shit funky and swazzy, jonesin' on the artists behind her video countdown. {will the gum poppers please bow your heads for a moment of silence}



When I tell em "Roll up, niggas betta roll up!" No, please roll up the nearest blunt, sumthin is seriously wrong wit this WillHatcher fella'. Much luck in your career with comedy.



Yo, I luv this lil' boy I swear I do, but why does every article and mixtape have to announce to us peasants that MrWilliams has this eclectic taste when it comes to high fashion? Like, he's this martian whose goal is to enlighten us on what's fashionably acceptable. Boy, have a seat! No, for real especially wit' that purple Haut a Courroies Hermes bag that you can't pronounce. Author of Bling, Erica Kennedy asks him the price. "That would be tacky," Phareal responds, but then goes on to tell us that one would run as much as a high-end Mercedes.

Underneath his yearning to time travel to the crack era, he is one of hip-hop's genius, but my favorite was the photo shoot. Either my bookie was suffering from allergies or he finally came down with that gay man's gaze, {you've seen it} when the eyes seem to have this layer of satin dreaminess. And while I enjoyed his commentary on the Lebron/Gisele cover, wtf is up with this constant urge to namedrop he & MissWintour's "boy toy" relationship. You and he got enough airtime in the Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton doc. We see you and the verdict's in: You're on some ova shit.

Aural Inspiration:
In My Mind: The Prequel - A Gangsta Grillz Extra