See, my boy Bill oh so feels the girl!


Okay, this shit pissed me off when I hit up bbc this am.
Message: If the DNC can choose a black nigger that the world just recently became familiar with, we can pick a Plain, schume Palin from a state that nobody ever discusses, like NEVER!

The last time I paid any attention to Alaska was an episode on Nat Geo, oh and Insomnia w. AlPacino. But that came out in 2001, rt? I mean, come on. For real for real, are they 'seer? Known for its breathtaking seas of green, wildlife and small population (approx. 650k), this chickie's life hardly mirrors mine. But back to the message. Maybe I'm going too far with the subliminal but all I've heard are the comparisons to Obama as if they are preppin' her to eventually take on the task of Commander-In-Chief {they know sumthin' we don't}? I mean for real, this isn't an episode of 24, this shit is s'pose to be real life. Or is it? The line seems paper thin.

Her previous political experience consisted of terms as Wasilla's (a lil' town of 6,500) mayor and councilwoman and a stint as head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Admits smoking marijuana in her youth in Alaska when it was legal there but not liking it {hmm, bye!}
Husband works in Alaskan oil field for BP. Hello, is anybody listening?
Refused abortion after learning son would have downs while she was pregnant {okay, walks the talk when it comes to pro-choice, but I'm sure if we dug deeper we could find the backyard alley in Baghdad where she received an AB}
Lifelong NRA member {I can sooo respect that}
Hunted moose w.Daddy before school {loses vote w.Peta members}
In response to the energy crisis, Palin offered to give Alaskans a $100 a month, energy debit card {1/2 a cool point for effort}
But... let's keep that shit funky, behind that sinister smile and those librarian frames lurks an evil we can't even imagine. And any woman who will take it upon herself to choose for the entire pussy population needs to go "satdown!" {That's right, say it together, satdown}



Was I the only one who had a hard time deciding!?! For real for real, I need them to give credit where credit is due. India Arie smashed those bitches w.this challenge, hands down. Seat belts, yo! The finale can't come quick enough. This should've been the first immunity tie in PR history.



The only bullshit thing about Vicky Cristina Barcelona was the slip of paper they call a movie ticket. I really need high-priced Landmark Theatre to step their shit up before I start printing my own gotdamn ticket stubs. We all caught the 7pm show and some of us accidentally threw the $10.50 slips of paper away, mistaking them for flimsy valet receipts. But enough of that. If I had to end my summer with a movie that left me full, this was it. One of my favorite discussions surrounds the theory of monogamy. While there are few animal species that form a lifelong union, I don’t believe that humans were meant to be in that 3-5%. Divorce rates, violent deaths due to infidelity, Cheaters, you feel where I’m going? Like religion, we sometimes get swept away into this standard of true love, forcing us to impose our jealousies and possessiveness onto a person who belongs to no one but her/himself. Dismantling any convictions about love you had prior to its viewing, Vicky Cristina proves that there are many. And as my boy Larenz put it, or was it Isaiah, love is what you make it. I mentioned before that Scarlett is my BB but gave little spotlight to MissCruz (4.28). Remember how awesome Gothika was and while brief, Penelope stole the shine from Halle. It’s the same with Vicky Cristina! She steps on the scene and every other character loses some of their luster, including the confident, desirable, sexual being called Juan Antonio played by Javier Bardem. Her Latina spice and humor make this cinematic experience complete. For 96m I was in Barcelona, spying on these people’s lives, loves, lack thereofs, feeling very much alive. The plots are intricate, yet so believable and the cast executes w.out force. {I know, I’m way too serious.} But there are so many moments where we read their faces and know that Penelope, Scarlett and Javier are in the moment. Was I the only one who wanted the 3some to succeed? Was Cristina afraid of taking it there, accepting that her relationship consisted of a unit that actually worked? Or was she simply trying shit out until it was time for the next adventure? The answer is D. All of the above. Lots of laughs, lots of creamin’ and lots of what ifs, thanks Woody for making me feel.