Once you get past the natural reaction to kiikii @ JillScott's (4.04) Afrikan accent, the landscape for the No.1 Ladies becomes this breathtaking backdrop for a promising tv series. Mama Africa never looked so beautiful and Jill & Anika Rose along with the awesome cast make her proud. There exists all of the right elements of surprise, mystery, rich history and humor. There is something familiar with this role, which I firmly believe wasn't much of a stretch for the loving, bosom-hugging Jilly. Give it try if you haven't done so. I put my $$$ on this one!



So we kick off March Madness and Women's Month with "Cuntastical" featuring my homie, my ace, the forever childlike Drew Barrymore (2.22). Already a fan of Firestarter, her bestseller "Little Girl Lost" was like the first bio I completed. At age 9 I instantly became a magnet to anything Drew. When we got our first VCR, I rented Poison Ivy so many times the dude who owned the dusty movie rental spot at the corner of Liberty Heights & Gwynn Oak had it waiting for me behind the counter. Aside from a family background in cinematic drama, Drew brings it. As of lately her m.o. has been delightfully fun chickie flics which I lovelovelove, but I've missed the dark side. Next month she takes on the role of Little Edie in the HBO remake of Grey Gardens {follow the drip}. It tells the story of Jackie Onassis' reclusive auntie and cousin who live in a decaying 28-room mansion in East Hampton. The original 1975 doc is jarring as the two women share a delusional world and a room with cats who shit and piss in the corner, oblivious to the garbage that fills the rest of their space. A recent W article reads that Drew never broke character, off the set or during the entire shooting so I'm certain she will hole in one. Major props to her production company Flower Films whose 7 flics have generated 900 mil. Yep, the girl has the formula and forever a place in that soft spot of my journey to womanhood.