The Naked and the Nude
Robert Graves

For me, the naked and the nude
(By lexicographers construed
As synonyms that should express
The same deficiency of dress
Or shelter) stand as wide apart
As love from lies, or truth from art.

Lovers without reproach will gaze
On bodies naked and ablaze;
The Hippocratic eye will see
In nakedness, anatomy;
And naked shines the Goddess when
She mounts her lion among men.

The nude are bold, the nude are sly
To hold each treasonable eye.
While draping by a showman's trick
Their dishabille in rhetoric,
They grin a mock-religious grin
Of scorn at those of naked skin.

The naked, therefore, who compete
Against the nude may know defeat;
Yet when they both together tread
The briary pastures of the dead,
By Gorgons with long whips pursued,
How naked go the sometime nude!

Sidebar: I don't know why this came to mind, maybe my quest for passion, for heat, for the desire to do. I thought about my English teacher Mr. Rey and how much we both liked this poem, the way the words rolled off our tongues as well as its sexual seduction. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe this is the first time. Enjoy!



Sooo, I got my Showtime back although I've missed out on the last 2 seasons of the L Word, my beloved Weeds and Californication. My new addiction is this united states of Tara chick. I haven't been this excited to tune in since The Wire. Watching Toni Collette and her enormous range of talent should make most of these networks ashamed to greenlight this bullshit we call television, especially when I had to wake up this afternoon to yet another Tyler Perry marathon. The shit just isn't funny anymore. But wait, was it ever? Now, Buck on the other hand {one of Tara's alters} is so funny it hurts. I can't help but see pieces of myself and I wonder if that yucky feeling I get in the pit of my stomach sometimes when I'm turned off by everyone including myself is just my way of transitioning. Does it ever happen to you? I think the most intriguing people suffer from DID, it makes coping with this thing called life a lot easier. Like Weeds, I look forward to hearing the theme song almost as much as the talent behind Diablo Cody's two-finger creation. Not because the plot is off-the-wall different, but because there are hundreds of layers that have yet to be explored. I hate that I can identify with Tara but still feel that pang of skepticism when she goes in & out of reality. Shit, don't we all wish we could...



Whether you twist up, favor the yak, pop or D. all of the above, please do it and watch this clip of Travis the Chimp. Fucked up that he went Hannibal on that lady, but this shit is hilare. This is still a wild, fuckin' monkey yo, so why all the disbelief? I haven't lmfao like this in a long time.

*Note: Xanax may decrease inhibitions, increase risk-taking behavior, rage and/or hostility.



What exactly do birthdays teach us? I've always looked @ them as my personal New Year where I look back, remembering the times I thought I couldn't make it through this thing called life, understanding just how far a sense of humor can carry a sista. For me, a yearly ritual of reading the journal from the year before, laughing at all of the silent promises that I broke, tears and bath water that smeared my purple ink, tryna figure out where I want to go... They say that if you fail to plan, there really is nothing waiting for you around that corner. Well, I say planning never got me anywhere. As much as I have tried, my life takes its own route. Nevertheless, this gal right here has had major fun, met the most intriguing people and above it all I have loved hard. This year I brought my 28th in @ the 3-card poker table @ Harrah's Casino in the AC where the floor was packed with people gambling their worries, false happiness, drunkeness, and income tax returns away at tables whose limits were way high in honor of Cupid and President's day. If you've ever played 3-card you know how easy it is to fall for the game. When that straight flush comes your way and you're breaking even, the come up is orgasmic, instant gratification @ its best, and then "poof" the thrill is gone! Born on the Day of Inventiveness, I cant wait to see the many ways I'll reinvent MissWomble (2.15). Cheers to me and a round for the eccentric, chaotic crazies who share the same day:
Charles Tiffany, Founder of Tiffany & Co.
Galileo Galilei, Grandfather of Scientific Revolution
Griselda Blanco, Original Cocaine Cowgirl
Baby, Cash $ President
Matt Groening, Creator of The Simpsons
Susan B. Anthony, Women's Activist
John W. Nordstrom, Founder of duh!

Sidebar: Picture us @ the roundtable